Support & Advice

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Legal advice, pastoral and medical care, counselling and other forms of advice for asylum seekers.

Refugee Action
Home 64 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5SD
Home Phone: 0151 702 6300 Website:
  • Refugee Action offers advice and welcome to newly arrived asylum seekers, helps them make their initial claim and provides early accommodation prior to dispersal. They also offer case work to asylum seekers at different stages of the process which can be accessed via appointment at their One Stop Shop (Appointment line – 0151 702 6310) which is open for appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please ring the appointment line between 9.30am-12.30pm to book an appointment. Please be aware that the line can be very busy and you may need to make several attempts.
  • On Wednesdays clients can make an appointment to use office telephones and computers to make their own enquiries regarding their case. If an appointment is not booked, clients can come on the off chance but may be turned away if all facilities are in use.
  • Refugee Action has a range of other projects including:
  • Choices – Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) – is a neutral, independent and non coercive project which aims to help asylum seekers who wish to voluntarily return to their country of origin. AVR achieves this by helping asylum seekers obtain travel documents, finance the trip, assist them at airports, offer some support in their home country and find opportunities for reintegration.
  • Get Connected Youth Project – for young unaccompanied asylum seekers. This project offers opportunities for social events, community engagement, personal development and advocacy for young unaccompanied asylum seekers (aged 15-18)
  •  Shared Awareness programme – a project which delivers sessions to other organisations and businesses in order to improve understanding of asylum seekers and refugees and the issues and legislation they face.
  • Refugee Integration and Employment Service (RIES) offers help and advice to newly granted asylum seekers who only have 28 days to vacate their accommodation, obtain a job or apply for benefits and get their children into school, as it is identified that this is a stage of the process which can easily lead to destitution. Although no longer funded, Refugee Action still offers this service through volunteers.
  • Basis Project supports existing and helps form new Refugee Community Organisations (RCOs), although funding is due to run out in 2011, Refugee Action aim to continue the project via support from RCOs in the city.
  • Refugee Action also has opportunities for volunteers and campaigning; visit their website for more information.
  • Please feel free to contact Refugee Action for advice and support if you are unsure how to help an asylum seeker in your care.


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